Del Cielo Mobile Home Park

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Del Cielo Mobile Home Park

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   Age Restricted 55+

Average Space Rent/HOA per Month


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Other Communities in Santa Maria, California

Park Name City Space Rent/HOA per Month
Casa Del Rio Santa Maria $699.0
Casa Grande Mobile Home Estates Santa Maria $625.0
Del Cielo Santa Maria $354.0
Knollwood Santa Maria $749.0
La Maria Mobile Home Community Santa Maria $604.0
Orcutt Ranch Santa Maria $548.0
Quail Meadows East Mobil Home Park Santa Maria $549.0
Quail Meadows West Santa Maria $90.0
Rancho Buena Vista Estates Santa Maria $651.0
Saint Marie Mobile Home Park Santa Maria $432.0
Sunny Hills Senior Community Santa Maria $799.0

Del Cielo is a mobile home park in Santa Maria, CA. The average space rent is $354 per month. During your real estate search in Santa Maria, it is important to research all monthly fees. Mobile homes are slightly different than stick built homes because they have a monthly space rent, also known as lot rent. You can get mortgages on mobile homes, as well as insurance, just like stick built homes and condos.

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Del Cielo
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