Leesburg, Florida Mobile Home Parks

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Park Name City Space Rent/HOA per Month
Beach Mobile Home Park Leesburg $345.0
Bonfire Mobile Home Village Leesburg $110.0
Coachwood Colony Leesburg $380.0
Cypress Creek Mobile Home Park Leesburg $475.0
Hickory Hollow Estates Leesburg $403.0
Lake Griffin Harbor Leesburg $580.0
Lake Harris Landing Mobile Home Park Leesburg $290.0
Lakes at Leesburg Leesburg $490.0
Lakeside Village Leesburg $459.0
Leesburg Lakeshore Mobile Home Park Leesburg $440.0
Mid Florida Lakes Leesburg $605.0
Molokai Mobile Community Leesburg $135.0
Palm Ridge Mobile Village Leesburg $365.0
Ridgecrest Mobile Home and RV Resort Leesburg $455.0
Shangri-la by the Lake Leesburg $370.0
Spanish Village Leesburg $385.0

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