Manchester, Connecticut Condo Associations

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Home Owner Association Name City Average HOA per Month
Eastmeadow Manchester $269
Forest Pond Manchester $188
Forest Ridge Manchester $238
Greenview Hill Manchester $290
Hampton Run Manchester $305
Kristyn Circle Condos Manchester $310
Lydall Woods Colonial Village Manchester $70
Manor Woods Manchester $235
Millbridge Hollow Condos Manchester $210
Northfield Green Manchester $338
Oak Forest Manchester $241
Oak Grove Farms Manchester $235
Oakland Terrace Manchester $255
Park Chestnut Manchester $275
Porterfield Manchester $325
Ridgecrest Manchester $227
Royal Arms Manchester $240
South Meadow Estates Manchester $250
Southfield Green Manchester $318
Stonybrook Manchester $200
Summit Village Manchester $250
Wellsweep Manchester $185
Woodbridge Manchester $375
Woodland Manor Manchester $180

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