Glendale, Arizona Condo Associations

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Home Owner Association Name City Average HOA per Month
47Th Place Glendale $165
Alpha Terrace Gardens Glendale $299
Avenidas Glendale $335
Barcelona Manor Glendale $234
Bellair Townhouses Glendale $157
Burchett Condos Glendale $170
Butler Glendale Glendale $139
California Gardens Glendale $290
California West Condos Glendale $350
California Woods Glendale $330
Campbell House Glendale $286
Campbell Park Glendale $225
Campbell Regency Glendale $299
Casa De Valley View Glendale $302
Cherry Tree North Glendale $300
Chester House Glendale $400
Chevy Oaks Glendale $400
Concept 80 Glendale $175
Country Meadows Condominiums Glendale $113
Deauville Glendale $390
Doran Plaza Glendale $282
Dryden Villas Glendale $265
El Patio De Oro Glendale $300
Excelsior At Americana On Brand Glendale $981
Fairview Gardens Glendale $225
Franklin Court Glendale $321
Glen Condominium Glendale $129
Glen Oaks Villa Glendale $300
Glendale Manor Glendale $243
Glendale Oak Glendale $334
Glendale Springs Condominium Glendale $195
Glenwest Glendale $340
Hallcraft Villas Glendale Glendale $179
Hidden Meadows Glendale $155
Hillside Manor Glendale $450
Isabel Terrace Glendale $195
Jacksonglen Community Glendale $359
Justin Villas Glendale $210
Kenwood Terrace Glendale $295
Kenwood Village Glendale $360
Las Hadas Glendale $275
Loraine Town Houses Glendale $235
Lou Zianne Glendale $231
Maple Gardens Glendale $223
Maple Villas Glendale $324
Maryland Heights Garden Homes Glendale $153
Maryland Lakes Condominiums Glendale $198
Maryland Manor Condos Glendale $163
Mountain West Glendale $294
Myrtle Gardens Glendale $330
New World Glendale Glendale $144
Olive Glen Condominiums Glendale $148
Olive Green Villas Glendale $149
Orange Brook Glendale $275
Orangewood Townhouse Park Glendale $197
Pace Rosewood Glendale $165
Park Towers Glendale $780
Park Villas Glendale $200
Parkwood Townhomes Glendale $275
Piedmont Park Villa Glendale $341
Pines Glendale $156
Quarter Condominium Glendale $220
Regency Park Glendale $375
Rosedale Plaza Glendale $370
Rossmont Glendale $313
Royal Palms Glendale $380
Shadow Oak Glendale $114
Sinclair Gardens Glendale $285
Stancrest Glendale $476
Stanley Park Glendale $250
Terrace View Glendale $268
The Highlands Glendale $323
The Hudson On Adams Hill Glendale $169
The Park Central Glendale $332
The Quarter Condos Glendale $222
The Westminster Homes Glendale $303
The Yorkshire Glendale $265
Trends Glendale $125
Verdugo Towers Glendale $1011
Verdugo Vista Glendale $210
Villa Capri Glendale $280
Villa Charme 5 Townhouses Glendale $174
West California Townhomes Glendale $300
West Plaza Glendale $214
Windstream Glendale $198
Woodbridge Townhomes Glendale $400
Woodglen Village Glendale $150

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