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Home Owner Association Name City Average HOA per Month
Amberwood Fullerton $245
Amerige Heights Fullerton $168
Casa Del Amo Fullerton $250
Casa Del Vista Fullerton $400
Chapman Villas Fullerton $330
Club Acacia Fullerton $285
Coco Palms Fullerton $270
Country Villas Fullerton $270
Coyote Hills Bluffs Fullerton $280
Dove Condos Fullerton $266
Fairway Village Fullerton $430
Foot Hill Fullerton $330
Fullerton Fountains Fullerton $235
Gallery Walk Fullerton $227
Green Tree Condos Fullerton $310
Greenview Terrace Fullerton $495
Hillcrest Senior Condos Fullerton $165
Maison De Fleur Fullerton $190
Malvern Creek Fullerton $231
Mark III Townhomes Fullerton $360
Meredith Manor Fullerton $269
Orchard Lane Fullerton $385
Parkridge Fullerton $315
Peckham Estates Fullerton $268
Quail Ridge Fullerton $385
Radcliffe Fullerton $199
Soco Walk Fullerton $215
Studio Walk Fullerton $168
Sunny Ridge Fullerton $284
The Arbor Fullerton $350
The Crossing Fullerton $250
The Pines Fullerton $310
Via Valencia Fullerton $300
Village Fullerton $325
Village Way Fullerton $190
Water Gardens Fullerton $260
West Carol Fullerton $275
Westside Fullerton $325

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