Fairfield, Connecticut Condo Associations

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Home Owner Association Name City Average HOA per Month
Bulkeley Lack House Fairfield $600
Colonial Gardens Fairfield $405
Commons At Fairfield Fairfield $250
Crestwood Fairfield $350
Dogwood Green Fairfield $533
Edge Hill Court Fairfield $250
Greenfield Hunt Fairfield $350
Halley Avenue Condos Fairfield $225
Kensie Point Fairfield $800
Maplewood Fairfield $325
Mosswood Fairfield $215
Park North Fairfield $324
Pequot Landing Fairfield $470
Pine Ridge Fairfield $692
Quincy At Southport Fairfield $385
Ridgewood Fairfield $565
Sasqua Commons Fairfield $325
Somerset Fairfield $350
Southgate Fairfield $515
Southport East Fairfield $384
Southport Green Fairfield $715
Southport Woods Fairfield $362
Stone Ridge Fairfield $601
Sunny Ridge Fairfield $375
Sunrise Condominium Fairfield $375
Sunshine Condo Fairfield $225
The Beach Condo Fairfield $575
The Meadows Fairfield $585
The Oaks Fairfield $683
Thorpe St Crossing Fairfield $150
Woodfield Village Fairfield $510
Youngstown Commons Fairfield $175

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