Encino, California Condo Associations

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Home Owner Association Name City Average HOA per Month
Balboa Oaks Encino $390
Beaumont Co Encino $354
Carriage House Encino $335
Encino Balboa Condos Encino $287
Encino Horizons Encino $450
Encino Marquis Encino $525
Encino Oaks Encino $244
Encino Park West Encino $888
Encino Plaza North Encino $554
Encino Spa Encino $385
Encino Spa East Encino $495
Encino Terrace Encino $230
Encino Towers Encino $1195
Encino Villas Encino $347
First Equity Property Encino $472
Four Oaks Townhomes Encino $495
Hampton Court Encino $370
La Villa Grande Encino $337
Lindbrook Encino $395
Louise Gardens Encino $429
Mira Flores Encino $365
Mission Encino Encino $400
Newcastle Manor Encino $289
Park Encino Condos Encino $237
Park Lane Condos Encino $425
Piazza San Marino Encino $351
Ports Of Call Encino $418
Riverwalk Encino $375
Shelbourne Towers Encino $330
The Lindley Encino $295
Villa Encino Encino $350
Villa Espana Encino $355

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