Encinitas, California Condo Associations

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Home Owner Association Name City Average HOA per Month
Bello Mar Estates Encinitas $60
Casitas Del Mar Encinitas $350
Country View Encinitas $270
Encinitas Ranch Encinitas $165
Galeria Encinitas $146
High Country Villas Encinitas $256
Knightsbridge Encinitas $80
Lake Val Sereno Encinitas $350
Leucadia Seabluffe Encinitas $600
Leucadia Village Encinitas $295
North Shore Encinitas $138
North View Encinitas $55
Pacific Pine Encinitas $265
Pacific Ranch Encinitas $352
Pacific Station Encinitas $490
Park Encinitas Encinitas $171
Poinsettia Park Encinitas $120
Rosebay Encinitas $224
Sandalwood Encinitas $209
Scott's Valley Encinitas $45
Seabluff Encinitas $600
Sienna Canyon Encinitas $120
Silverado Encinitas $124
Skyloft Encinitas $307
Summerhill Encinitas $42
Vida Pacific Encinitas $102
Village Park 2 Encinitas $380
Village Park Townhomes Encinitas $215.6
Villanitas Encinitas $72
West Hampton Cove Encinitas $280
Wildflower Estates Encinitas $625

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