East Haven, Connecticut Condo Associations

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Home Owner Association Name City Average HOA per Month
Birches East Haven $200
Breezewood East Haven $190
Countryside East Haven $228
Countywalk Village East Haven $170
Four Beaches East Haven $450
Golfcrest East Haven $200
Holly Farm East Haven $230
Laurel Pond Village East Haven $210
Ledgeview East Haven $225
Mansfield Landing East Haven $370
Old Towne Landing East Haven $275
Redwood Village East Haven $170
Sea Scape East Haven $225
Shannons Corner East Haven $200
Shell Beach East Haven $178
Silver Meadows East Haven $335
Thompson Garden West East Haven $200
Thompson Gardens East East Haven $150
Victoria Beach East Haven $364
Village Com East Haven $285
Whalers Point East Haven $350

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