Burbank, California Condo Associations

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Home Owner Association Name City Average HOA per Month
Aqua Vista Burbank $195
Bethany Woods Burbank $430
Bethany Woods South Burbank $445
Burbank Village Walk Burbank $484
Cabrini Villas Burbank $400
Casa San Jose Burbank $220
Elmwood Village Burbank $229
Entourage Burbank $228
Fairview Homes Burbank $175
Foothill Chateau Burbank $286
Gateway Condos Burbank $286
Golden Estate Burbank $246
Infinity Complex Burbank $325
Lake West Burbank $210
Mccambridge Townhomes Burbank $440
Metro Walk Burbank $242
Providencia Townhomes Burbank $234
Scott Road Villas Burbank $232
Studio Park Burbank $325
The Burbank Collection Burbank $349
Tierra Verde Burbank $285
Toluca Lake Burbank $366
Toluca Lake On Rose Burbank $325
Toluca Townhomes Burbank $275
Tujunga Villas Burbank $150
Valencia Court Burbank $275
Verdugo Glen Burbank $225
Verdugo Villas Burbank $360
Victory Pass Burbank $271
Victory Villas Burbank $300
Villa De Los Reyes Burbank $325
Villa Magnolia Burbank $265
Villa Palermo Burbank $226
Villas At Olive Burbank $189
Whitnall Villas Burbank $300
Woodside Manor Burbank $375

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