Alhambra, California Condo Associations

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Home Owner Association Name City Average HOA per Month
Acacia Townhomes Alhambra $110
Alhambra Palm Villa Alhambra $220
Alhambra Regency Alhambra $238
Alhambra Village Green Alhambra $284
Beacon Villas Alhambra $150
Casa Monterey Alhambra $260
Chapel Chateau Alhambra $200
Gateway Walk Alhambra $300
La France Garden Alhambra $200
La Jolla Alhambra $170
La Maison Alhambra $170
Mission Garden Alhambra $167
Mission Townhomes Alhambra $288
Monterey Terraces Alhambra $275
Ramona Estates Alhambra $300
Regency Townhomes Alhambra $170
Ten Ten Stoneman Lair Alhambra $260
Tyson Townhomes Alhambra $230
Villa La Paz Alhambra $250
Village Green Alhambra $272

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